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Vantage's engagements provide an elastic executive service. We recognize patterns of business and technology quickly to provide you a fast-forward path to results. Clients have dialed up our elastic executive services for single-day business assessments of critical, "virtual board" consultations, or on multi-week project teams to deliver new capabilities.


Expand and target your business strategy using the vantage points of leaders from leading e-commerce and technology companies. Equip your team to execute the strategy with leadership and business capabilities modeled and taught by Vantage leaders. Our associates have over 50 years of combined expertise at Amazon, Oracle, and Microsoft with a proven track record of innovation-driven business growth and team development. We partner with high potential businesses to deliver initiatives transforming your AI capabilities, marketplace tools, and customer experience.


Our leaders have delivered over $20 billion in marketplace sales growth and shopping innovations. We've interviewed, trained, and promoted hundreds of engineers, product managers, and directors across the world to build new teams and business units. Our leaders set the standards in hiring, CX, and innovation for their companies. We have conducted hundreds of statistically significant A/B tests and hold multiple patents.


Vantage leaders have been in your shoes as business, technology, design, product, and analytics leaders. Our previous roles include Director of Buying Experience at Amazon, Director of Seller Marketplace Analytics, Retail Category Leader, Sr. UX Designer for Marketplace Tools, Cloud Technology Evangelist, and Lead Front-End Engineer for Buying Experience and Amazon UI.


Our leaders have more than 50 years in collective experience at large companies including Amazon, Microsoft, U.S. Army, and Oracle, as well as startups and small business.

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We build innovation in new lines of business, new processes, and new team skills.

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We partner with $1B+ enterprises, midsize data/technology companies, and startups ready to scale.




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Bulrushed Books


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